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New World Order

If in fact there is a concerted effort to break up the Russian Federation it may well be part of something called The New World Order.

Gordon Ball

Ottawa, Canada

December 18. 2014



In one of my last blogs I pointed out that the US might be carrying out measures against Russia and that sanctions could be a first step. Today those sanctions are being stepped up. One wonders what the next steps will be.

Russia Today

I have had a radio amateur operator’s license for many years. During the cold war I sometimes communicated with amateurs in Eastern Europe.Today I use the Internet and Skype. I have some contacts inside Russia.

The Russians have seen the break up of the USSR and the eastward expansion of NATO. After the coup d’etat in the Ukraine the Russians fear, not without justification, they will be next.

Economic sanctions could be a first step.

For your careful consideration,

Gordon Ball, Ottawa, Canada

March 2014